Ankle length Legging : NKE/AL/04

Short Description: ELITE ANKLE LENGTH Premium Cotton-Spandex Fabric (No Polyester) Ankle Length (36 Inches) with Straight Fit.

Color: Dark Brown

Fabric Detailing: All-Feeder 4-Way Stretch Cotton-Spandex Fabric. 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex. Miyani at Crotch for Extra Stretch Comfort While Sitting or Stretching. Cotton Knitted Elastic For Continued Use without the Elastic Loosening.

Multiple Sizes:

S/M --> From 24 inches to 32 inches Waist Size.

L/XL --> From 30 inches to 36 inches Waist Size.

2XL --> From 32 inches to 42 inches Waist Size

Style Ref: NKE/AL/04


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